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Theresa May has re-promised a long overdue price cap on energy… but British consumers are being RIPPED OFF even worse on broadband.

That’s why Theresa May must urgently investigate a BROADBAND PRICE CAP.

Here are three reasons broadband is worse than energy:

1. Energy suppliers exploit long-standing customers, charging them more than new joiners by 37%…

But broadband providers will tax your loyalty by as much as 67%!

2. Energy suppliers fob us off with shoddy customer service…

But broadband providers regularly get the wooden spoon for ABYSMAL treatment of their customers.

3. The head of British Gas, pocketed £4.2m this for running big, greedy energy company…

But last year the head of BT (formerly British Telecom) trousered an eye-watering £5m

Fat cats are lining their pockets with loyal customers money and this must stop.

Internet access is essential to daily life. Ripping off loyal customers is as wrong here as it is in energy.

SIGN and SHARE the petition to urge Theresa May to investigate a broadband price cap.